Collected from various local sources

When The Volcano Erupted

Mount Agung last erupted in 1963, there was one month of ‘ash/sand rain’ that blocked out the sun. Made’s mother and father still had to go down the mountain to the village to sell wood (for fuel), so they used a piece of string to stay together and to not lose each other.

Bush Medicine

Made tells of various plants that can be used to ailments such as diabetes (papaya leaf soup), toothache (clove powder), dizziness, cuts, and when women have just given birth.

Valuable Coconuts

The coconut is a staple of life in Les, and it can be used to eat (both humans and animals), to make oil with (crush coconut flesh in with water to make milk, then boil down and skim oil from the top), the leaves are used to ceremonial offerings, the shells for fuel for cooking, for beauty purposes (soft skin, protect from itchiness)

Bio-fuel as an energy source

There exists one bio-fuel tank, making energy from animal manure. This provides methane gas for cooking.

Angel Pool

Pool of Water on the trek that was visited by an angel. The angel spoke to a banana farmer, it is considered good luck to refresh there.