Man with children
Overlooking Les Village March 2011

Les Creation
Gathered from Pak Ketut Nyomen & Ketut Jemban (Made’s teacher and local historian)

This story is of the creation of Les, a long time ago. It involved sea people (‘pirates’) coming to the area (then called ‘Banjinang’, a little distance away) and seeing a cockfight. They enjoyed it, and wanted for themselves one of the prize cocks, as they always won (‘sirginansee’). Not wanting to give them their prize cock, the villagers instead painted a black spot on a white cock, and tricked the pirates.

The pirates were unhappy, and came back to fight the villagers. Many were killed and many ran away. Some went up the mountain, and some went to neighbouring areas. They were always fearful that the pirates would find them, until they settled in the area that they still reside, called ‘Ngugnes’ (Les). It means the place to run and hide. The village temple Bali Agung is shared in the area, most villages have their own. This reflects the common history of the people in this area