Coral Regeneration Project

Desa (Village) Les is situated in Tejakula – the easternmost district of Buleleng Regency. The village size is 769 hectares and borders the Java Sea and Lombok Strait. The latter is known for its coral reefs, deep under sea ravines and strong currents. Bangli forest is to the south of Les. The villages of Tejakula and Panuktukan are to the west and east respectively.

For years Les has been known as the traditional transit port for the Indonesian traditional fishermen, who sailed from here for trading in Java and intervening Islands.

There are nine sub-villages in Les, in which two of them inhabit the coastal area, and most of the villagers are traditional fishermen who catch tropical aquarium (ornamental) fish.

Cyanide was the dominant chemical used to assist fisherman to capture tropical aquarium fish. This caused devastating effects to the coral reef, which supported the fish. In October of 2003 with help from an NGO, the people of Les changed their fishing practices and have replanted coral. This is growing and attracting fish back into the area.

The learning process of coral reef rehabilitation has now made the Les villagers experts in coral reef preservation. Their knowledge and skills have been copied in Kuta to support various projects of coral reef restoration and transplantation there.

SCUBA or snorkelling at Les, with a guide to explain the project can be arranged. Contact us at