Colonisation and Settlement: Local and Foreign Perspectives

Gathered from Charles Jacobs and Village Elders Charles Jacobs is a Dutchman who has lived in Les for over thirty years. He has a wealth of knowledge about Les from the perspective of a non-local. He has implemented many developments including the health clinic, storage for water and providing computers. He also has research based knowledge of the Dutch colonial period.

Made’s parents and grandparents also have stories of colonisation (both Dutch and Japanese). They had to hide their daughters so they would not be taken away to be used as slaves and prostitutes. They speak of fighting and fear.

Hiding in the cave from colonisation.

On arrival in cave you pray to Wishnu (God of Water) because there are spirits that live in the cave. You must wash yourself in the falls before entering and be blessed.

Men from the village received medals for bravery against colonisation, but they are now all deceased.