Boy meets girl: Past and Present
Gathered from Made Astriasih and Caspar-Tourist Guide

Nowadays, girls and boys use technology such as mobile phones and facebook to communicate. In the generation before this technology, boys and girls would meet and socialise at planned events (usually every Wednesday) where they showed movies and you could talk and eat from local stalls. This was very much looked forward to, and if it was raining and called off, it was a sad day!

Before this, boys and girls would meet during celebrations where they would perform the “Jogad” dance. The girls would dance and pick from the boys who they would like to dance with.

Later, if the boys liked the girls, they would try hard to get close to them by working for her parents. Boys would fight over this privilege. This was an important way to meet partners, and happened in Made’s Mothers and Grandmothers era as well as before that.