Ethical and Green’s Indonesian Cooking Class held on the 7th August 2016 was a fantastic success!

Having a fully booked afternoon class with still a couple of weeks to go until the event, E&G decided to open an earlier morning class to give more people a chance to get their hands on tickets.

With Temple David’s function centre decked out with beautiful Balinese decorations and a variety of interesting knick-knacks to purchase for the charity, eager guests started arriving and the day was underway.

The classes were a blast, with talented chef Made Arsana treating everyone to a unique insight into Indonesian cooking techniques and the fresh ingredients used, including plenty of time for questions (and samples of course!).

A beautiful three course meal followed the classes, leaving everyone feeling very full, satisfied and learned!

We’re ecstatic to announce that we managed to raise over $2500, and with 100% of the profits able to go straight to the point of need it’s a fantastic result.

We will be posting information shortly about next years classes — planning is already underway and you definitely will not want to miss out!

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