Man with children
A FACET team member with Primary school children in Les Top Village. Part of current school buildings in background.

Having developed an understanding of the country, its people and its government practices, our organisation has identified many primary and secondary education needs in rural areas. Indonesian rural schools often only educate to the primary level and rarely any further. For an Australian educational organisation the need for educational assistance was obvious.

The focus of Ethical and Green Foundation for Educational Assistance has been to identify specific rural needs and to raise funds to support small rural villages and provide educational opportunities for students. To begin this program it was necessary to identify one community and to work cooperatively with the local authorities.

In 2010 Ethical and Green commissioned a study by the Forum Advocating Cultural and Eco-Tourism (FACET) into future directions. This detailed study has been completed and it recommends funding directions focussed on selective tourism development in consultation with regional government and village council.